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Leadership And Management Are Not The Same

Leadership and management are terms that are often used interchangeably. Many people, including teachers and administrators, think these two words are identical in meaning and application. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Why? Because by definition and in practice, leadership and management are different functions.

To completely understand the different functions of leadership and management, let's look at three words: manage, manager, and management. Then, let's examine the words lead, leader, and leadership.

The Technical Side: Manage, Manager, Management


    1. To handle
    2. To have under control
    3. To conduct, carry on, guide
    4. To move or use in the desired manner
    5. To be cautious and use good judgment with people
    6. To be concerned with all aspects of the organization


    1. The one who manages
    2. The one who has the guidance or direction over everything
    3. The one who is at the head of an undertaking


    1. The act, manner, or practice of managing, handling, directing, or controlling something
    2. The person/persons who manage a place, business, establishment, organization, or institution
    3. Skill in managing
    4. Executive ability
    5. The technical/academic side of being a teacher or administrator

The People Side: Lead, Leader, Leadership

  1. LEAD

    1. To guide or conduct by showing the way
    2. To direct and govern
    3. To show the method of attaining an objective
    4. To entice, allure, induce, influence
    5. To go before and show the way


    1. One who leads or conducts
    2. A guide or point of reference


    1. The position, office, term, or function of a leader
    2. The capacity to be a leader
    3. The ability to lead
    4. The act or instance of leading
    5. The "people side" of the job

As we can see, there is a unique difference between the functions of leadership and the functions of management. Management deals with the "thing" or technical side of our job. Leadership deals with the people side of our work. However, both are important functions of teachers in the classroom—as well as department heads, principals, and superintendents. And to have the ability to manage but not lead—or vice versa—will not do when it comes to being an effective educator. An individual must have both competencies. If he or she doesn't, high levels of success are not probable.